Threshold Acoustics Specialized Recordings at The Blachford Acoustics Laboratory

When Threshold Acoustics needed very specialized recordings, Blachford Acoustics Laboratory was able to support their needs:

Most buildings go through an extensive design phase in which many features are considered, ranging from lighting and architectural appeal to electrical systems and ventilation. One feature in particular can be very hard to predict exactly how it will turn out before construction is well underway – acoustics. In order to determine how musical performances will sound in proposed environments, individual instruments can be recorded in a hemispherical microphone array and then placed in their respective locations as a sound source on a stage which only exists in 3D software.

Threshold uses these recordings in a specialized room lined with speakers to reproduce directional sound and bring the virtual design into our experiential realm. This revolutionary combination of art and science allows building designers to experience characteristics that determine how a space will sound to future audiences. While Blachford’s core business is not architectural acoustics, we are pleased to support Threshold Acoustics in their endeavors.

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