Blachford is dedicated to work in ways that meet or exceed environmental, economic and social needs without compromising the well-being of future generations.


  • Reduce, reuse, or recycle waste of all kinds, but particularly that which leads to the generation of greenhouse gases or the contamination of land, water or air.
  • Reduce and eliminate, if at all possible, the use of toxic or environmentally harmful substances.
  • Minimize the resources we consume, such as raw materials, gas, electricity and water.
  • Manufacture products using renewable raw materials and energy sources whenever practical to do so.
  • Support customers in their efforts to reduce resource consumption and the use of toxic or non-renewable raw materials.
  • Support organizations, such as certain trade associations and other NGOs that promote the protection of the environment.
  • Work with all stakeholders for public policy and standards that enhance sustainability.

Conflict Minerals Policy

CSR Policy

Environmental Policy

ISO 14001

Global Compact